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These include platforms like LocalBitcoins, LocalCryptos, Paxful, and Bisq. Each offers its own unique features, pros, and cons, so it’s important that you do your research before selecting a marketplace. Bitcoin ATMs are stand-alone kiosks that connect to the internet so that they can process crypto transactions on the blockchain.

  • You will have to go through the onboarding process which entails verifying your identity.
  • Companies like that might claim that they are self-regulated and insured, but such claims are based only on trust and past performance.
  • If you are new to the crypto world, we’d recommend checking these best crypto exchanges in Canada.
  • Frank Corva is a cryptocurrency writer and analyst for digital assets at Finder.

Cryptocurrencies are nearly impossible to counterfeit due to the cryptography technology and can be used to send value between two parties globally without the need for a bank. A Canadian crypto exchange is the best way to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency. Therefore, selecting a reputable crypto trading platform is crucial. KuCoin supports almost 400 different cryptocurrencies and allows you to transfer-in your holdings from other wallets for free. However, there are fees to fund your account with CAD and to cash out or transfer your holdings off-platform. Fees are reduced if you hold a certain amount of KuCoin’s native token .

Deposit Protection / Client’s Funds Insurance

In UK individual client’s funds are protected up to $1 million (insured with Lloyd’s of London). If you are unsure you should get independent advice before you apply for any product or commit to any plan. We found that NDAX, Bitbuy, Wealthsimple and Netcoins were all solid options for Canadians. Panellists are able to answer as many or as few questions as they like, meaning the number of responses received varies by question. Select your payment currency, which in this case is CAD, and specify the amount you want to spend as $500.


Over time, you may increase your cryptocurrency holding to be 5% or up to 10% of your total investment portfolio. It is your responsibility to keep track of your cryptocurrency trades so you know exactly how much money you’ve earned in your investments. Cryptocurrency, however, still remains a greater risk overall than stocks. The entire point of cryptocurrency is to remain unregulated by any single government or regulatory body, but this leads to increased volatility.

VirgoCX: Best for automated trading

First, Bitvo offers a same-day guarantee, promising to activate accounts as well as settle deposits and withdrawals all on the same day. The second is the Bitvo cash card which allows you to spend the Canadian funds in your Bitvo account without having to withdraw them back to your bank account. The Bitvo cash card is accepted everywhere Visa is accepted, in over 200 countries and 2 million Automated Teller Machines . Coinberry supports 25 of the best cryptocurrencies in Canada.

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With Satstreet you can trade a wide range of cryptocurrencies and they have multiple security solutions depending on your needs. Besides popular cryptocurrencies, you can trade large amounts of stablecoins too such as USDT. If you’re a serious crypto investor and are looking to throw down a large chunk of change you might be wondering about the safest way to buy. Each of these options comes with its own benefits, drawbacks, and risks.

Buying Bitcoin in Canada Using a Cryptocurrency Exchange or Broker

And to supplement your recurring buys, you can use VirgoCX’s grid trading feature. This feature enables you to automatically purchase crypto assets when they drop below a certain price level. For example, you can program your VirgoCX account to buy a certain amount of Bitcoin any time its price drops below CAD$20,000. It supports over 50 crypto coins and tokens, which is one of the broadest selections of digital assets for a Canada-based crypto broker. You can lend your crypto for a yield through the app or use the platform’s DeFi wallet to stake your crypto via a decentralized app .

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For this service, NDAX charges customers 20% of the staking rewards. Bitbuy is one of the cheapest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Canada with trading fees starting as low as 0% – 1.5%, depending on the size and frequency of your trades. You can fund your account with CAD or USD by Interac or Bank Wire.

Accessibility and coin selection

It offers a basic dashboard as well as an advanced trading platform that allows for more complicated trades like limit orders and stop losses. This crypto trading platform is great for beginners with one-click trades and limit orders. However, it does not offer more advanced trading features like advanced limit orders or charting tools. You can use it to spend CAD in your Netcoins account which includes when you cash your crypto holdings out into Canadian dollars. The card is free to use, accepted everywhere Mastercard is accepted, and you earn 1% cash back in Bitcoin on every purchase.

  • Because they work independently and don’t communicate with one another when checking the transactions, the trusted individuals work in a decentralized fashion.
  • Most crypto exchanges will charge trading fees or have high spreads, but if you use an OTC broker, they will find a buyer for your trade, meaning you are buying one-to-one.
  • Crypto wallets should be chosen based on factors like user reviews, fees, customer support features , and wallet security.
  • Instead, you would need to buy smaller amounts from multiple people, which can increase the slippage .
  • There are large Bitcoin meetup groups in Toronto and other major cities, but online platforms like Reddit are also a great place to start.

NDAX. IO, also known as the National best cryptocurrency brokers Asset Exchange, is a Canadian cryptocurrency trading site located in the province of Alberta. It allows Canadians to buy and sell 34 different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. In addition, Newton emphasizes the importance of data security. Regarding cryptocurrencies, most are stored in secure locations without internet access. Extremely fast, typically you can get cash from fiat to your favourite crypto exchange within 30 minutes to an hour.

The 20 Best Crypto Trading Platforms in Canada

Finder’s Shakepay review has fees, features, supported cryptos and more. By trading volume, some of the largest crypto exchanges that serve Canadians include Binance, Coinbase and Kraken. Keep in mind that all centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are vulnerable to hacking and exploits, so consider using a hardware wallet for added security. Since the widely publicised collapse of FTX, many traders and investors have demanded centralised exchanges provide proof of reserves and user deposits. This may be done by a third-party auditor or through the use of on-chain data. Proof of reserves is still an evolving concept, and it’s not clear yet what the best practices are or how reliable it will prove to be.


Interac e-transfers and bank wire transfers are cheaper at approximately 7.75% and 4.75%, respectively. Order fees are free when buying $350 or more of Bitcoin or $500 of Ether — so there’s no surprises. Learn about the best student bank accounts in Canada with no monthly fees, unlimited transactions, and welcome offers like cash bonuses, gift cards, or rewards points. Get tips on how to open a student bank account, what to look for, and how to choose the best bank for your needs. The advantage to broker services, which you can find on platforms like Bitbuy, is that they’re simple and easy to use.

Many consider them a more secure option than hot wallets, but you will need to take steps to protect the drive itself from loss or damage. Storing your crypto offline can also make it more difficult to spend. If crypto seems like a good fit for your financial goals and personal values, read on for guidance on purchasing, storing and using cryptocurrency in Canada. In order to understand how cryptocurrency works, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the underlying technology, known as blockchain. From a security and reliability perspective, the Kraken platform is regulated by many world authorities. It is also regulated by FinCEN in the United States and the FCA in the United Kingdom.

fiat is a registered Money Service Business and is regulated by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada, a federal financial regulator known as FINTRAC. The platform uses security tech like Coinjoin and Lightning Network to protect your privacy, does not collect KYC information for transactions under $1,000, and encrypts your data. The desktop version offers advanced traders a suite of charting features for in-depth analysis along with spot, margin, and futures trading. It also offers various other features like staking and trading bots, as well as a more limited but easier-to-use Fast Trade dashboard. There will also be a rate difference between the sell price and the buy price, called the spread. The deposit fees range from 1.49% to 3.99% depending on the method you choose.

TrustPilot rating4.4/5YouHodler crypto exchange The YouHodler exchange offers various services including secured loans in cryptocurrency as well as staking and crypto-asset trading. Cryptocurrency exchanges generally don’t qualify yet for deposit insurance programs. However, Kraken is in business since 2013 and customer funds have always been secure with the large regulated exchange. Kraken is known as the most trusted crypto exchange worldwide.

To put money into your account, you can use either Interac e-Transfer or bank wire. In September of 2022, Coinsquare announced an agreement to acquire CoinSmart. Once complete, the acquisition will make Coinsquare the largest crypto exchange in Canada. However, no cryptocurrency is currently considered legal tender in Canada.

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